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Home Folder on different partition


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I run kalyway 10.5.2 updated to 10.5.4. I have my home folder on a different hard drive, to prevent all my data from being lost when something goes wrong. However, after a couple of weeks all of the sudden my home folder is not being read like it should, settings are different, desktop wallpaper is different, dock icons even different.


When I restart the system will tell me I'm not able to "log in at this time". So I've ended up having to reainstall the complete system for about four times, which is really a waste of my time. Any thoughts on what might cause this en what to do about it?


Thanks in advance,





PS. This issue started when i upgraded from a ds3 to a ds3p mobo, even with a fresh install. This kinda sucks cause it took me quite some time to build a pretty nice box and really can't afford a mac pro (at thos point of timespace.

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