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Best way to backup a drive without loosing any software registration


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I need to resize my leopard partition


So i want to backup the drive on another one then resize my original disc & restore the backup on it once done.


I tried yesterday to backup the partition with Carbon Copy on an external drive then i restored it on a free partition of my ORIGINAL hard drive.


But the new restored partition loose many software registrations ( ableton live for ex )


I don t want to loose my software reg each time i restore my ghost ( i can t ask for a new code each time i restore my computer )



Anyone have a way to make a full drive backup witohut loosing any software reg ?


I will always use the same drive to restore my backup ( i ll just use another drive to store the backup )



I m also interested on a way to resize my leopard partition without loosing any data.



Thanks for your answers

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Ok i found that there s no way to make a clone without loosing my Ableton registration


I finished resizing my leopard parition


Worked perfectly


I just used the - button to remove my free partition then enlarged my leopard partiton using the cursor


Hope this helps someoene



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