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drivers do not work

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i have iaktos leopard 10.5.4 and there are kext files in the /system/libraries/extensions that should allow the Ethernet and sound and graphics to work but is does not work.

how do i fix this or what leopard disk has all the driver needed for the hardware to work



Intel celeron D 820

intel gma 950

sigmatel hda

intel pro 100 ve Ethernet

i gb ram

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Might be the kexts installed are not matching with your hardware ids or if kexts are ok then their permission may be the problem. Get modified kexts to make your hardware working. Also try to repair the leopard partition from disk utilities, this might also solve your problem.

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Well first off i would like to say always give moost compleet info.

second i would say RTFM **** Tutorials (The Genius Bar) *****


Oke having said that lets go look at you specs

Well lets start


Intel celeron D 820 is good info


intel gma 950 is bad info your realy have to provide system info you are using because the gma 950 chipset is a real pain inthe @$$ some work others nead a little more help.


sigmatel hda is Bad info again we nead the exact sigmatel sound chip numbers

once you have then the rest is easy BECAUSE ITS RTFM

[How To] Solutions for Audio Problems, A Compilation



intel pro 100 ve Ethernet

classic case of RTFM look in the genius/ tutorial section

[HowTo] Fix Network Problem with Intel PRO/100 VE



if you cant find your info use GOOGLE type in insanelymac (space) query

like so: insanelymac intel pro 100 ve (keep it short you will get more hits)

just hit enter what you see is[HowTo] Fix Network Problem with Intel PRO/100 VE

on the top of the page good luck getting your system working

and dont forget to RTFM

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