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I installed iatkos, Help with internet plase :)


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jaredmac if you want help it would be helpful to post your system information.


Motherboard(ethernet card since this is what you are asking about :rolleyes: ), video card, cpu,


Then post what install version you used etc.. The more information the better people can help you. No one is a mind reader

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I installed:

iatkos v1.0i


I have intel core 2 quad processor

dual boot windows vista.




Nvidia geforce grafix


builtin wireless 802.11/b/g capabiltiy,


3 gb ram



Local Area connection


my pc-network-internet


acces local and interent


suscom direct cable internet


best buy router

Ethernet adapter local area connction:

desciption: interl <r> 82566dc gigabit platform lan connect




I have no idea hwo to make it connect to my direct internet, I know how to get into-sypref-network - on a mac but have no clue what to do.

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