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Ok, so until today i dual booted Vista with Leo on my dell inspiron 1525... my setup was sortof like this:

disk0s1 - Recovery(NTFS) disk0s2 - Vista(NTFS) disk0s3 - OSX(HFS+) disk0s4 - Shared(FAT32)


now, i realised that i rarely use vista and its just taking up 45gb for no reason, so i formatted the volume to another fat32 through Disk utilities


Soo, now that I don't have windows, my question is, should I format my hdd over again to GPT? or should i keep it in MBR?


also, atm, i keep all my data on the two fat32 volumes so that, incase OSX gets screwed up, i can backup all my data by using a ubuntu livecd... however, i dont really know if its possible to make fat32 volumes on GPT...


again, i am using chameleon EFI which i installed from OSX86tools (I dont think you can install it directly from the kalyway dvd), now if i use GPT, even though i don't use a retail disk, can i still use the tutorial at http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=127330 to store all my modified kexts in the EFI partition and not worry about software updates breaking again?


again, is something similar possible with mbr without having to reinstall OSX? (maybe creating a small partition and having the kexts loaded from there during boot?) if so, could you point me to a tutorial or something on how to do it?


Im quite a newbie to OSX86, so yeah, sorry if some of the question are stupid...

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