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driver for radeon 4870


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help me plizz : give ty me driver radeon 4870 full resolution. my driver only work Vesa 1024x768

my OS Mac iDeneb 10.5.5 sorry my english im russua


ебана в рот чуваки из России помогите с драивером пиво поставлю

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read the other topics or search first kids! There are no drivers out currently for the 48xx series, this is because apple does not use any of those products yet, however, ATI put out a press release recently said that they will be producing mac versions of these cards so when THOSE cards come out we'll be able to get drivers for our 48xx series because they're a dirivitive of the original ones.


Furthermore, at boot go to the special options so it doesn't boot all the way into OS X


type ?video


it'll give you a list of all the modes you can force your screen into, sadly all are 4:3 res's so if you have a 20" LCD like I do that runs at 1680x1050 the best you can run it at is 1400x1050


sooo in order to force boot into a resolution you go


"Graphics Mode"="####x####x32"


mine being like this


"Graphics Mode"="1400x1050x32"


Always end it in x32 that's just the color depth that you MUST assign

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