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It is my intention to build a new PC based on a few concepts:


1. Centralised LAN Time machine backups

2. RAID 5

3. Fileserver

4. Relatively cheap


I already use an old osx86 build as my current server, although the case is too small and it does not handle Time machine backups.


The new build would be based off the following hardware:


Lian Li PC-A71 - $320

Gigabyte P35-DS3P @ $140

Raid Card PCI-E Highpoint Rocketraid 2310 4xSataII @ $250

4xSamsung 1TB 32MB 7200RPM Sata drives for TM backup @ $155 = $620

Corsair 620W PSU @ $150


4GB 667 Ram from current server

920D 2.8 ghz Dual core Processor from current server

512 8600GT from current server

Zalman Cooler from current server

Sata burner I already own

4x additional SATA HD's for file server


= $1480


The alternative to this is buying a drobo and tacking it on to the current server:


Drobo V 2 @ $730

4xSamsung 1TB 32MB 7200RPM Sata drives @ $155 = $620


= $1350


Cheaper although, it will not be as fast.


Just a few questions:

How does the Rocketraid 2310 go? It is an expensive part of the build and with only 4 ports I am limiting myself to a maximum usable space of 2.8TB with RAID5. Theoretically this should be enough storage for now - but it is difficult to expand in the future. The 2320 has 8 ports but is twice as expensive.


Any other motherboard suggestions? The Intel D945GNTLKR I'm using at the moment is showing it's age. It needs to have at least 6 interior sata ports + 2 x PCIEx4 to be worth considering I guess. Stability and full featured gigabit lan/sound a must.


Any experience using a leopard server for TM backups? I have read around the place that it does work.


The Lian Li case is ideal, although it costs a lot. A need something with minimum 8x3.5" drive bays. Full tower case is a must?


Prices are AU dollars.

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