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Q6600 or E8500 for hackintosh?


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i have read many mixed reviews between these two CPUs (E8500 and Q6600). I have asked a guy who has a Q6600 hackintosh and he said if he could go back to do it again he would choose the E8500.


So just curious to know other peoples experiences/problems with these CPUs? Is there still an issue with keeping time with the 45nm CPUs?


I think for my needs raw power just to run apps etc. is better suited for me. I will dual boot osx leopard and vista x64, I don't really game just occasional re-encoding videos, use office pretty hardcore for uni and internet browsing - want to use virtual machine also on my system.


thank-you in advance for anybodies input


EDIT: insanelymac website kept giving me database error I didnt realize I posted this question 3 times - sorry

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