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iDeneb 10.5.5 (Chameleon)/XPDual Boot Problems


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So here's the story. I installed XP on one drive and iDeneb 10.5.5 on separate drive. During each install, the other OS's drive was disconnected so they were unaware of each other. Now I've connected both drives. The problem is setting up a dual boot configuration. I'm trying to use XP's boot manager, I added the line 'c:\boot0="OSX"' to my boot.ini file on the windows side and copied the boot0 file from /usr/standalone/i386 directory on the OSX install. It shows up in the XP boot manager however when I select OSX the screen blanks out then comes right back to the boot manager screen.


- iDeneb 10.5.5 is using Chameleon 1.0.11 vs EFI

- OSX disk is using GUID.

- I have manually performed the install steps for chameleon, in essence re-doing this portion of the iDeneb install, just to make sure (eg. fdisk -u -f path/to/chameleon/boot0 -y /dev/rdiskX, dd if=/path/to/chameleon/boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsY bs=512 count=2, etc)

- Each OS will boot no problem when it's respective drive is the primary boot device

- OSX will only book off the hard drive, which is very odd. If I boot off the iDeneb DVD, the OSX partition is NOT detected/shown and therefore I cannot boot my install

- The Darwin boot loader only shows the OSX partition, not the XP partition (on the separate hard drive)


I'm at my wits end. I've even decompiled the boot0 file to see how it's attempting to identify the partition. Everything seems fine. I think the point about the iDeneb boot dvd NOT seeing the OSX partition may hold the key. If the DVD boot loader cannot see the partition, I wouldn't expect the boot0 code to be able to find it either.


Any help greatly appeciated. Cheers.

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Seriously, no one?


Might seem an odd question ( I haven't had a chance to play with iDeneb or Chameleon yet ) but does the volume name you are using for the OSX partition have a space in it's name? I had major issues with the Darwin bootloader when I attempted to boot from anything with a space in the volume name.


Just my 2 bits... will probably be testing out iDeneb myself in the next couple of days. :-D

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