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  1. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Problems

    On a side note, I did manage to fix my issue. Had to boot to Windows, pull *ALL* of the Nvidia Kexts, and reboot. At that point, I was able to use NVdarwin to get the Nvidia card working properly with QE/CI Definitely a little strange... but it could have been worse. :-D
  2. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Problems

    Had to do something similar myself. Couldn't boot in Safe Mode, so I booted to my semi-wonderful XP installed, used MacDrive to pull all the video kexts, and am now able to boot up. Now it's time to see how long it takes me to get everything working on this box. All great fun. :-S
  3. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Problems

    I seem to be getting stuck at the same point myself. ( Blue Screen on boot, though it likes to load to a grey screen if I boot into Safe Mode ) Ran into various other issues during the install ( waiting for root device, etc ) but seem to have worked through those, and can't seem to make any headway as to why it's hanging on the Blue Screen. I'm using an Nvidia 7600GT 512MB ( though Chameleon and the iDeneb installer seem to think it's a 256 MB card ) Attempted with NVKush and NVInject ( both 256 MB and 512 MB ) in both Safe Boot and Normally. Tested with any kernel I could use ( Vanilla / Modbin / SleepKernel / Voodoo 9.4 and 9.5 ) Just kind of scratching my head at this point. System Specs : HP D530CMT ( Intel 82801EB Chipset ) - the board supports SATA, but SATA is disabled in the BIOS 3.0 Ghz P4 HT Processor 3x80 GB Maxtor IDE Hard Drives ( OSX being installed on the Primary Slave ) 3 GB DDR Memory ( 333 Mhz ) Nvidia 7600 GT Anyone have any suggestions for this?
  4. Might seem an odd question ( I haven't had a chance to play with iDeneb or Chameleon yet ) but does the volume name you are using for the OSX partition have a space in it's name? I had major issues with the Darwin bootloader when I attempted to boot from anything with a space in the volume name. Just my 2 bits... will probably be testing out iDeneb myself in the next couple of days. :-D
  5. Updated to 10.5.5 and lost your internal display?

    I'm kind of curious here... I went through this step by step several times ( I have a desktop with an Intel GMA950 - ID 2582 that currently isn't working with QE, though it was with 10.5.4 ) I've gone through, re-installed the previous working kexts and installed the older OpenGL.framework... after restarting, I can see no change... except if I go into System Profiler, and check Frameworks... there's no version listed with the OpenGL.Framework... Shows up as such : Last Modified: 14/10/08 4:40 PM Location: /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework Private: No I've tried several different methods of reverting to the older OpenGL.framework ( from what I see, and what I know... it will allow me QE support... which is kind of nice ) and it always shows up the same. Of course, I never checked it beforehand, so I don't know if this is different than before. ( And yes, I've repaired permissions, several times ) Any suggestions on the cause/solution for this one?