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Installation that isn't a partition

Josh W.

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I built a computer and have 2 HDs in it. From just about EVERYTHING I have read, all the steps seem to be mostly on partitions, etc, partitions, etc. Is there a site or a set of steps that I can follow if I am NOT using a partition? I just want to install OSX86 on my other hard drive. I know I will probably need to change the type (Fat32, NTFs, etc) but I am not using a partition. I am a bit of a noob in this category as far as "hakintoshing" goes, but I have the basics down. I built my computer. Any help is appareciated. Thanks.

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ok thats good to know..thanx for that man. I just want to play around with operating system a bit. My proc. is the intel kentsfield q6700. I imagine that I would be able to install the MAC OS on there somehow. Maybe Im just lazy and dont want to read a bunch of directions and what all can go wrong. I just want a simply step by step intruction sheet to how to install it, etc. Maybe im asking too much.

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here you go, hope this will be okay for you:


Easiest way to do it is with a Tri boot - Windows, Linux and OS X


1. Install windows on your 1st disk, leave enough space for a 15GB linux install and a 2GB swap partition.

2. Install linux on the leftover space and install GRUB to the MBR.

3. Now load up your OS X install dvd and partition with disk utility GUID format, with two partitions, the first should be about 200MB, the second can be the whole disk.

4. Install Mac OS X onto the larger partition.

5. Now download the Chameleon boot files or the PC_EFI v8.

6. Load up linux and log in as root if possible. Open terminal and type 'pico /boot/grub/menu.lst' - this will open your GRUB config file for editing.

7. Add an entry for Darwin (search google on this stuff if you have to) it should look like this:


If you are using chameleon


title Darwin

or if you are using pc_efi


title Darwin


save with ctrl-O and exit with ctrl-c


8. Now load up Gparted or some such linux partition manager. Gparted is the easiest. Format the little 200MB partition ext3.

9. Still in linux on the 200MB partitino create the directories /boot/chameleon and place the 3 boot files from the chameleon folder in there, or just the /boot -folder and boot_v8 file if you are using pc_efi

10. reboot. As long your windows/linux drive is first ordered disk and you edited the menu.lst file correctly you should see grub, choose Darwin.


If it doesn't work you probably need to mess around with the (hd1,0) order. In Grub 0 is first. Just change the hd0,1 depending on your drive order and partition order. You want it to point to the 200MB partition on the os x drive.


Any questions ask away. It's not an easy thing to do so expect some turbulance. You'll get there in the end. BTW jas 10.5.4 is good and so is Sabayon Linux. Just my 2cents.

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I don't know what to say man. I don't think I really knew that I was getting myself into.

That looks like the shortest and yet most complicated list I think I have ever seen.

But, I am looking at your signature and you have xp, leo, and sabayon so I am sure that it works.

I don't know anything about linux.

I have Vista Ultimate 32bit on one HD and the other one is empty.

haha, yeah like installing grub on the mbr? that is gibberish to me..but you gave me what I asked for, so props on that.

Thanks man. I might forward this to a friend of mine and see if he can translate this to me in english.

I anyone else wants to put in their 2 cents, go for it. Or just say random stuff, do it to it.

Also, I have my desktop and mylaptop side by side, so if anyone wants a project to work on, then get on AIM and IM ME

my s/n is dudestuffiscool and you can kinda step by step walk me through it. That would be very helpful and appreciated.

Tryin to get MAC OS on my desktop sound harder than I thought, but I've got nothin but time.

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