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Hoard of Issues After Reinstalling


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Okay. I reinstalled OSX from the Kalyway 10.5.2 disc because I was running out of disc space.


Here is what changed:


1) Drive type from MBR to GUID/GPT

2) Two partitions to one. Lots more space (120 GB from 60 GB)


Here are the problems I am having:


1) When I first boot and get to the Mac desktop, my cursor is blue. It's just the outline of the normal black cursor, but its fully colored in BLUE! (Including the busy cursor spinning beach ball thingy)


2) After some inactivity, my screen randomly inverts colors. No way to change it back unless I reboot OSX.


3) I am not a system administrator anymore. WTF? I am the only user on OSX, why am i not an administrator? How can I fix that? (Like come command or something, login as root and change it? How do I do that?) - FIXED :unsure: See verdant's post.


Please help me. I hate reinstalling OSX. If you need anymore info, I can gladly provide :angel:

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I really need an answer to this. Especially #3. That's really important.


Have you tried


1. Run single user mode using the -s flag while booting i.e. type -s at the "boot:" prompt and wait for the prompt ":/ root#" to appear (I had to boot -s twice and press Enter after the static cursor appeared to get the prompt; you may not need to), type each of the following lines, followed by Enter and then waiting for ":/ root#" to re-appear.

2. Mount the file system by typing "mount -uw /" (without quotes) at the ":/ root#" prompt.

3. Change the root password by typing "passwd root" at the ":/ root#" prompt and then typing in a new root password and retyping it again as requested.

4. Create the .AppleSetupDone file by typing

"touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone" (without quotes) at the ":/ root#" prompt

5. Boot the system by typing "exit" (without quotes) at the ":/ root#" prompt.

6. Reboot from HDD with "-v -f"

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Oh thank you Verdant! I don't know Mac command line stuff very well, so thanks that helped me a lot!


Still need an answer to #1 and #2, though they aren't as urgent/important ;)


Might be corrupted video kexts......try using Pacifist to reinstall from your OSx86 install DVD....




















then reinstall video driver for your GFX card using whatever method you did originally......

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I'm gonna be getting a new bigger (500 GB) hard drive to add to my computer in a couple days, so I'll be reinstalling OSX with my newly downloaded iDeneb 10.5.5 DVD, so I'll see how that works first. If not, well then, on with your answer! lol, thanks for your help.

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