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Drivers for the Gigabyte's GA-EP45-DS3P


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Hi all,


I searched this site and google for solutions to my problems. I'm a begginer in this forum and all of these terminologoies used in the forum can not make it into my brain.


I have successfully installed a retail copy of Leopard using BOOT132 method. Period.


That's the furtherst I was up to.


1) I tried using Chameleon to make my HDD bootable but I failed to do so (I used Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk) as the system kept giving me kernel panic. So I need to overcome the kernel panic step before proceeding to fix the rest.


Got it working :)


2) My Audio doesn't work. ( In the BIOS it says it's using Azalia codec, but in the manufacturer website it says Realtek 8889a or something)


Got it working :D


3) My 'System Profiler' keeps crashing when I want to check the hardware. I have no idea why it does so, I really really want your help with this :'(


Got it working by disabling CPUID or something in the BIOS :wacko:

4) My video card 8800GT used to work with the nvInstaller.pkg when I used Kalyway, and it refuses to define the card when I use BOOT132 method


Got it working using EFIStudio :D

5) The system used to restart/shut down using Kalyway and it refuses with the current installation.


Got it working using some kext files :D



6) I used Software Update to 10.5.5 and no go, the screen stops at the spinning ball screen :'(


Guys, I seek your help as I'm a begginer and needs your detailed help. I know that my system can work, but I don't have clue of what strings, kexts, Chameleon, DEF are..


Thank you :P

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Check these guides, some the kexts posted there might solve your problems. If possible, make a backup before installing them.

Your board uses the newer P45 Chipset while these guides are written for P35 boards. Some of the kexts posted there might not be suitable for your system.


Retail DVD Guide, 10.5.5, 100% working ...

A Recipe for Delicious Leopard Soup - Now with Vanilla Flavor!


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Thank you Shadaw,


I couldn't get the help needed at these posts.


Now that eliminated half of the problems, I got 3 problems left.


Would anyone be able to help me overcome these problems please ? ;)



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First you'll need to download the Combo Update from apple.com directly. Choose one of the guides below and follow the instructions.


These guides should be helpfull:


Complete Updates for Newbies and All -- Currently 10.5.5 Combo (Only Intel CPUs), All future updates will be in the same topic...

http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=109102 (probably the easiest way, but you'll need to PM the author to obtain the links)


or manual


10.5.3 Update Guide (valid for 10.5.5 aswell)



Edit: Link fixed

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