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Error resizing volume


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About two months ago I got sick of windows and so bricked it, deleting the partition and using the diskutil resizeVolume command under terminal to pad out my OS X partition to fill the drive they were sharing. Worked fine.


Now Crysis Warhead is in my grubby hands I want to shrink the OS X partition and dump windows back on there (having realised it will run under parallels/vmware/crossover on the tenth of Never) but it won't shrink!


It gives me the most unhelpful error too:


bash-3.2# diskutil resizeVolume disk2s1 260G		(it's a 320GB drive, 140GB free space on partition)
Error resizing volume
bash-3.2# diskutil resizeVolume disk2s1 limits
Error obtaining resizing information

Resizing encountered error on disk disk2s1 OSX: Could not modify partition map (-9986)


Useless. It could modify the partition map before, the only thing that's changed I can think of is that it's now been upgraded to 10.5.4 and I did the resize operation in 10.5.2.


So I booted off an old installation DVD and it couldn't handle it either. Any ideas? The web is just chock-full of rubbish about needing Intel macs and GPT.

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