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My Dell M1330 install tutorial


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I've used this forum a lot and I thought I would payback by doing a step by step tutorial. Thanks to everybody that made this possible.

Dell M1330 Spec

  • CPU: Intel Core2Duo T9300
  • RAM: 4 GB @ 667 MHz
  • Video: Intel GMA X3100 @ 1280x800
  • Audio: Intel HDA (Sigmatel STAC9228) aka Azalia
  • Bluetooth
  • Webcam
  • Wifi: Intel Wifi 4965AGN (not working)
  • LAN: Broadcom 5906 (not working)



  • Boot Leo4Allv3-10.5.2 with option '-v platform=X86PC'
    • Might need to reboot a couple of times before it works
    • Push 'F8' to get into the boot options
    • Wait 10-20 mins

    [*]Must make a partition before installing

    • Go to Utilities > Disk Utility
      • Select partition and click on Erase (next to 'First Aid')
        • I selected an empty 20 GB partition

        [*]Name the parition to anything you want

        [*]Click on 'Erase' to erase and create the partition

        [*]Exit out of Disk Utility

    [*]Good idea to view installer log to see what's going on

    • Go to Window > Installer Log
    • Click on 'Show Error Only' and go to 'Show All Logs'

    [*]Click on 'Continue' on the Welcome screen

    [*]Click on the parition you made earlier and click 'Continue'

    [*]Click on 'Customize'

    • Select what you think you need, but here is my selections
      • Kernel-9.2.0
      • Third party drivers
        • Chipsets Drivers
          • Intel-ICHx

          [*]Audio Drivers

          • AzaliaAudio

          [*]Good Applications


        • SMBIOS-667



      [*]Click 'Done' when finished

    [*]Click on 'Install' and watch 'Installer Log' go.

    • I usually skip the DVD verify because I did it once and I know the DVD is good.
    • You should do this atleast once.

    [*]Should take about 20-30 mins.

    [*]Push 'Restart' to reboot.

Start OSX first time

  • Let it boot up by itself
  • Go through the registration
    • You don't have to enter 'Apple ID' information. Just click 'Continue'.

    [*]Finally... up at the destop

    [*]I don't want to send the registration, so I delete it

    • Drag 'Send Registration' to the trashcan.

Upgrade to 10.5.3

  • Must set 'Hot Corner' to 'Sleep Display'
    • Go to Apple menu (the Apple icon on the top left corner)
    • Select 'System Preferences'
    • Go to 'Desktop & Screen Saver'
    • Select 'Screen Saver'
    • Click 'Hot Corners...'
    • Assign a 'Sleep Display' to a corner

  • Read Kalyway combo update 10.5.3 instructions
  • Install 1_Kalyway_UpdCombo10.5.3.pkg
    • Don't reboot!!

    [*]Install 2_kalyway_10.5.3_kernel.pkg

    • Install vanilla kernel
      • I read somewhere if you use the modbin_kernel_9.3, it could cause problems. And since we're going to use update to 10.5.4, it'll just install the 9.4.0 kernel anyways.

    [*]Restart from the 1_Kalyway_UpdCombo10.5.3.pkg screen.

    [*]Let it boot up with boot option 'update -f -v'

    • This will reboot by itself... let it

    [*]Boot up normally

    [*]If you see the blue screen then it goes blank, move the mouse to the corner you setup to 'Sleep Display', then move the mouse out of it.

    • Because it installed the Intel X3100 drivers, you will need to do this everytime you boot up. But atleast you will have have 1280x800 resolution.

Upgrade to 10.5.4

  • Install Apple update 10.5.4
  • Restart when finished.

Upgrade to 10.5.5

  • No! I've done this many times, and it doesn't work with ComboUpdate or just Update from the Apple download. It will freeze and hang the installer. You have to hold the power button for a couple seconds to shut it down.

Dell Laptop Post Installer

  • Run the 'Dell Laptop Post Installer' application
  • Select what you want, but this is what I selected
    • Power Management
      • SpeedStep Enabler
      • Battery Meter
      • Lid Sleep

Sound still doesn't work... sometimes

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