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If you buy a PC Laptop for OSX86, witch one recommend?

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Hi, after searching on the forum, It seems ok to ask here this. (first sorry my english not being perfect, I am Portuguese)

Maybe it is a usual question, but didn't get any answer after my searches...


Hypothetically, if you decided to buy a new/used PC laptop so you could run OSX 10.5 witch one did you recommended? (probably based on experience to)

I am looking obviously, for less hassle possible on drivers and usual stuff.

And of course it must be worth the money, because it is at same price as a mackbook pro there will be no point on doing that.


Currently I have a iMac20" at home.

At my work I have a OSX86 with 10.5.4 all working nice on a Asus P5B, ATI 1650 etc etc. I don't use this machine heavily... I have it in dual boot with Vista where I primely work is (I develop on Visual Studio 2008). But I remember to get this OSX86 I had to sweat big time, change SATA disks from order, messing in BIOS, changing my DVDROM to a SATA one etc.


My worries on getting a PC Laptop is that is difficult to change hardware and consequently hard configuration with drivers. My pros will be getting a laptop much cheaper than an original...

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Check out people's sig's for info (like mine).


I put in my vote for an Acer Extensa 5620. The specs aren't bad, and the price is right. I got mine from Best Buy for about $500 five or six months back, so if you can find one it's likely much cheaper now. The only real hardware altering I did was to swap the unsupported Intel 3945 wifi card with an Atheros 5006. I won't lie, it did take some kext adding, but the end results are nice. Runs 10.5.5 beautifully, smooth video with Quartz Extreme (even DVD playback), working audio (including headphone jack and internal mic), even the built-in webcam works. I'm never in Windows anymore. Slapped on Office '08 and iLife '08, never looked back. Even added an Apple logo on the back :thumbsup_anim:

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