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VMware + EasyBCD = problems


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Alright, so I got VMWare Fusion 2. As I've posted before, this is my setup:


HDD 1 - 250GB - Windows

HDD 2 - 250GB - Windows

HDD 3 - 500 GB - Mac (Not all 500GB is formatted though)


I use EasyBCD, so my boot screen shows:





In order to get into Mac, I hit enter on NeoGRUB, and hit Mac OS X within NeoGRUB.


When I use VMWare to start up a boot camp partition, it starts up but instead of booting into Windows or the main bootloader, I get the NeoGRUB bootloader. I can't go back to the main bootloader and I can't ge into Windows.




My guess is there are two ways to solve this. Somehow get VMWare to bypass the bootloader and go straight to Windows, or create a menu item for Windows in NeoGRUB.


I don't know how to do either, especially the first one (Which I would probably prefer). I think I could do it in NeoGRUB, I just don't know what file to point to. For example, for the Mac OS X menu item, it says:


title Mac OS X

kernel (hd2,2)/NST/boot_v8


So far, for Windows, I have:


title Windows

kernel (hd0,0)


Not sure what to do from here.


Also, if it matters, I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium and LawlessPPC 10.5.4.


PLEASE help :)




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