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  1. VMware + EasyBCD = problems

    Ive read all your posts over the VM forums, and over at easyBCD site, I am in the same boat as you, and cannot get my windows partition to work under VMFusion, did you ever get yours to work?
  2. Error 0000007B help?

    please nothing will work
  3. I get this error when trying to boot my windows partition from VMFusion, its picked up as boot Camp, help,please
  4. any news on a 10.5.7 update package? also his site is down atm
  5. Automate Sigmatel 9227 install at every boot

    when i open terminal, cd /tmp does nothing, doesnt open a windows and i dont see the file mentioned?
  6. can you post your kexts please
  7. Updating leopard?

    surely some1 must have some information? or do people not read this area of the forums?
  8. i had the same problem m8, seems your drivers are wrong. to fix this do this : ah ok so thats no problem. when darwin bootloader appears, hit any key to enter bootparameters. (a bootparameter is like -v etc). then instead of just entering -v you add -s, so this gives you -v -s then it will take about 15-20 seconds. now you will need to enter the two commands displayed in the console. (there should be writtin something like, if you want to make modifications type blabla. just type what is written on your screen. (just 2 lines)) now enter: 1.sudo -s 2.your password 3.cd / 4../options 5.hit 1 & enter 6.choose nvidia 7.hit enter 8.reboot. from susu2k
  9. Updating leopard?

    Hi, I had leo4all v3 installed on my laptop, but accidentally installed software update. I thought I might as well remove leo4all and update my software, so I used ‘iatkos 4.1i’ this installed correctly, but on boot I kept getting ‘AHCPIport cannot load’ some people on irc suggested I use kalyway 10.5.2 That’s installed fine, but now im wondering how to update it to 10.5.3/4/5?, is there a easy program with bundle updates? Or do I need to install something new all together? Also im really confused, I was told NVinstaller .32 would install my graphics card (I have a GS GPU 8600) but it made apple screen go black so had to remove the drivers from –s boot of disk, can some1 possibly shed some light please Any help will be useful. Thanks
  10. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    wat settings did u apply?
  11. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    im unsure wat patches etc 2 apply my laptop is very high spec, so cud sum1 point me in a direction sony vaio (VGN-FZ21Z) cost me £1500 only had 3months lol just a generic answer please
  12. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    hmm, i cnt seem to log in to brokenstone :S i AM member, but says im not anymore [REMOVED]
  13. Leo4All

    LOL i have no clue wat u said but u seem 2 no more than me :pirate2:
  14. iATKOS v2.0i

    lol m8, no1 has the genuwine copy of iatkos, so till that happens, we can do nothing
  15. Leo4All

    hmmm, this (in my case) was caused by my bios not working correctly (im sure there is another reason but this worked for me) press f12 when you boot up, and you should see ur bios select reset defaults....save changes...reboot should work? alternative is to try a reinstall?