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10.5.5 from JaS 10.5.4 - anyone?


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Before updating it's strongly advised to take an image of your HDD in case sth goes terribly wrong. Or use CarbonCopyCloner onto a cheap, low capacity HDD.


Assuming you're on Intel Core2Duo and your HDDs in AHCI mode,


1. Download the 10.5.5 Update (not the combo).

2. Backup your Extension folder and your kernel

3. Run the script which scans for IntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and erases it.

4. Run the update. After the update is finished you can kill the script.

5. Move to Extensions folder and delete AppleEFIRuntime.kext if it exists.

6. If you're using a hacked AppleSMBIOS.kext restore it from your backup. If you're using for example SMBIOSResolver.kext you're good to go.

7. Re-install chameleon

8. touch Extensions. delete Extensions.mkext and repair permissions

9. modify your com.apple.Boot.plist so you boot into verbose mode.

10. Use OSX86Tools utility to Update Prebinding.

11. There might be a script into /System/InstallAtStartup/Scripts/1 (or sth). There you need to replase "Dont Steal Mac bla bla bla.kext" with "dsmos.kext"

12. Cross your fingers.

13. Reboot


I didn't take notes while performing the update so you might want to wait for someone else to confirm the steps above...


Good luck...


EDIT: I have a TM image of my system just prior doing the update. If I have spare time I'll try to verify the steps above and let you people know. Can't promise though. Besides, if you take a peek at Mysticus's scripts you'll see excactly what needs to be done manually before and after the update.

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Thx dude, my system is very stable so Im gonna think about and dig a little more before doing this update.


Did u have any noticeable improvements?



Apart from the ones mentioned in the release notes I've not noticed anything spectacular in terms of application execution speed or graphics performance.


BUT: With vanilla 9.5.0 I can only shutdown but cannot reboot. With ToH Stage-XNU 9.4.0 I can do both. That's why I reverted back to the 9.4.0 kernel from ToH and the matching System.kext


I installed the update from Jas 10.5.4 to 10.5.5 with comboupdate and Pre and Postpatch like here




I lost audio, Lan and QE. After patching Audio and Lan works.

But i have no QE (EFI)


See Sig.


8800 is the most compatible series of gfx cards to the best of my knowledge. Did you try to start over with a stock com.apple.Boot.plist and re-insert device properties with EFI Studio ?

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Open terminal

Type sudo -s

Enter password

Type while sleep 1; do rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext; done

Keeping the terminal open start your installation



Now this part was not necessary for me (the line is not there), but it's in all the posts:



Once installed do not reboot.

Go to the terminal again press Ctrl+C and press enter

Then type nano /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1

Find the line where Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext is writen.

Replace it with dsmos.kext. Save, Exit and Reboot.

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