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Is there a way to set the default OS in the Darwin bootloader?


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Hi, I have a nicely working triple boot system on one hard drive in an Acer laptop, with the following setup:


XP is on the 1st partition

Vista on the 2nd partition,

Mac OS X Leopard on the third partition.


The first partition is the active one, and Vista's bootmanager (BCD) provides the menu for booting each of the three operating systems. I am able to boot into any of the three operating systems, and when I choose Mac OS in the Vista bootmanager's menu, I am taken to the Darwin bootloader menu. Here starts the question I have:


At the Darwin menu, the default partition is the 1st partition and can't seem to be changed. :) This forces one to have to deal with this second menu which then requires another response to select the Mac OS partition. Is there some way we could set the default partition so it could automatically boot the Mac OS partition at the Darwin Menu?


I tried editing the "com.apple.Boot.plist" file by adding the rd=disk0s3 string, but it made no difference, I still keep getting the first XP partition as the default on the Darwin menu.


This is the text of the com.apple.Boot.plist file that I edited:


		   <key>Kernel Flags</key>


I've done a search regarding this issue and it seems quite a few have had this same problem. As it stands, basically after selecting Mac OS X at the Vista's bootmanagers. menu, we're prompted to select Mac OS X all over again at the Darwin's menu. Is there a way to keep the Vista bootloader and be able to change the default partition on the Darwin bootloader, so we don't have to provide input at 2 separate menus just to get to Mac OS X?


Thanks for the help.

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