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  1. But is there a way to just use the Vista boot loader and have the darwin boot loader point to OSX by default?
  2. I would love to know the answer to this is as well and have been searching for days. I find it hard to believe that with as many people that dual boot they all deal with this issue...
  3. Booting from seperate hard drives

    Anyone know if having the drive with OSX on it formatted as GUID would cause a problem with this method?
  4. There's a ton of guides on how to upgrade a kernel in these forums.
  5. RAID Compatibility List and Performance

    Anyone have success with RocketRAID 3120 (cheaper version) - it says it has osx drivers too.
  6. ACHI/RAID @ BadAxe

    Is it possible to get OSX to recognize an ICH9R Raid 0, not install on it just recognize it(has windows on it). - I am probably just dreaming, but I remember I had my p5w dh running osx on a raid 0 so you never know =O
  7. Has anyone that had the issue of back row crashing after intro video figured out what was wrong?
  8. Black Screen After Install...

    Yeah i have tried uphuck on many different pcs and get the same issue, go with jas much better.
  9. Anyone get uphuck working on p5w-dh deluxe?
  10. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Has anyone got 5.1 surround working on a p5w-dh deluxe? I only get 2 channel out with 0.4b. I can get 3 line outs to show up using 1.09 but it still won't let me select 5.1 in audio midi setup... Did that by ebaling more line outs, for some reason when I try this with 1.16 it won't give me the same line outs, does add an internal speakers though.
  11. Any luck with nvidia 6800 xt?

    No the card is 128 or 256. OSX86 will install fine unless you check titan for install. If you install titan with install or later you get a kernel panic when loading up. Natit cause kernel panic too...
  12. Any luck with nvidia 6800 xt?

    Yeah I am having same issue...
  13. Choppy sound after upgrading to 10.4.9

    What would be the boot option flag for 266 mhz?