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Question About Vista & OSx86 on 2 HDD's

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Hi Folks, Although this is my first post, I'd like to think I'm not "new" to this. I've done more and more reading on this forum, and I cannot seem to find a solution.


Here is my issue:


First of all, My current setup is

P4 2.8 GHZ (Intel, obviously) supports SSE2 & SSE3

2 gig Ram

256mb Nvidia GForce FX5500

2 HDD set up as such:

40 GB - Vista Home Premium Install (Done First)

120 GB Maxtor6Y120P0ATA - Leopard OSx86 10.5.1 Kalyway installed

There is a Dell BoBo, and the current BIOS version is A03


My problem is that i cannot seem to boot from the 120 GB HDD no matter what i do. It simply does not appear in the BIOS. I have tried using Easy BCD, to no good end. I cannot boot from the Kalyway DVD, it will only bring me to the installer, which has already been competed. In the Disk Utility portion of the installer, I have Verified, and repaired Disk permissions, and it says the disk is good to go. I need a way to be able see the 120 GB HDD in the BIOS. The only 2 drives available to boot are my C:\ (Vista) and the DVD Drive.


Any help/ideas would be great, and i have to say, you folks have a wonderful community here.



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