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First my greatful Thanks to all, making this Forum, what it is ?



With the time running Leopard on my machine, i discover a great problem with the forum strucure. First we all were happy, to get it working, but with the time, we want more.

( greedy as we are :))


e.g. I cannot find Information on specific topics, which are UPTODATE. if you search for ACPI you get into the problems of 2007, which are solved already in various installers, but no information of what is current. Some postings with 200 pages have some newer information, which one hardly can find.


that would be a Topic, what is UPTODATE.


another TOPIC would be, which kexts differ generally from osx to a hack. ( dmos, smbios, etc.)

and which kexts are hardware specific ( amd, intel, graphics, LAN, intelspeedmanager, AHCI, IDE).


I dont know a beating answer for this, but naming the problem is the first step.

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