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Kalyway 10.5.2 AMD / Intel, international language problem


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Dear all,


I am a new comer to OSX86. It is a great experience for using MAC OS on my PC.


I have encountered some problems with Kalyway 10.5.2 AMD / Intel. Before I sucessfully installed the OSX, I have choose Chinese Traditional for my preference language and all the things go normal. The installation is pretty well with correct Chinese Traditional language displayed. After the machine restarted and I could sucessfully get into the OSX, however, the language became English again. I tried to change the languague piority in the system preference -> international to Chinese Traditional again, but no change was made to the system. Interestingly, the other applications, like Safari and iphoto etc, can correctly display their menu in Chinese, but the main system menu on the top still be displayed in English, especially the Finder and the System Perference.


So, I am wondering that, does there any solution to my problem?


Many Thanks to your guys!!!

(I am a Hong Kong people, so, I would like to use Chinese! HAHA!)

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