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Thinking of a Firewire External Drive

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I have a working Hackintosh laptop which I do some amount of video editing and have a 40GB 5400rpm PATA laptop harddrive, which I connect via a MiniIDE-to-USB adapter, that I use as a scratch disk. I am wondering if I will see any performance increase if I upgrade to a real external firewire drive, like the "LaCie" Series or the WD "My Book" Series. Yet, a possible problem is that I have a Cardbus Firewire 400 card with two ports, which provides the only firewire ports in my system. If I was to buy a external firewire drive and plug it into my Cardbus card and plug in my HV20 to capture also into the same card would that possibly overload my the card and somehow reduce performance or cause a stand still?

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