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  1. Hello everyone, I just hackintoshed (10.6.8) my AMD system running on a 785GTM-E45 MSI motherboard with a 9750 Phenom II processor. It has a Geforce 9600GT graphics it in with 4gigs of ram. Anyways, the first problem I'm having is with my finder windows when I go into the triple column view and click on a h.264 video, it loads the preview in the 4th column for a bit but then the finder window disappears and after a few seconds reappears back at the root of the hard drive. I have checked and made sure that this movie file is proper and it is. Additionally, I have another problem where applications seem to just crash without a cause. I try to convert a video in MPEG Streamclip and I drag it into the program and it just crashes and asks me if a want to send a error report. I can do this over and over and it does not help at all. But, when I simply just do a batch on the program, instead of a click and drag, the same video gets converted and the application does not crash. Sometimes this happens with other programs as well, for example it happened once with Firefox where the application just crashed without notice, the first time I used it. Lastly, I sometimes have a flicker screen glitch where I can be working on the computer and it is running perfectly but then I look at a video or something it flickers the screen and then freezes. I can still move the mouse though but the whole UI is unresponsive. This happened again when I was installing Photoshop. The screen started to flicker, stopped and then the whole installer window as all glitchy and frozen. I had to restart the computer when that happened because it was totally frozen. Surely, I'm missing a patch or something? I would highly appreciate any advice on this.
  2. Hey guys I got a little trouble in paradise here. Let me explain. I have a G5 Powermac DP 2.0Ghz that I recently received from a friend. Currently I have Tiger on this system, I am trying to install Leopard on this mac though when I put the install disc into the mac, it sees the disc and it seems to be reading it but it just shows the grey screen with the apple logo and the spinning dash wheel. I waited around 20-25 minutes on that screen and it goes nowhere. Though during this time I noticed that the powermac's fans kicked up gradually to 100%. It became really loud though the air coming out of it was cool, not even warm. Anyways, I guessed that maybe the disc is having trouble reading So I tried to make a image of this disc and restore it on a usb external drive. Again I noticed after the fact that PowerPCs cannot boot from USBs. Unfortunately, all I have is USB drives, unless I use my sole MyBook (Has a lot of free space) which can connect via Firewire but I need to know that an image to MyBook will not delete any data from the drive because I need all the files on that drive. Anyone help a new mac user out?
  3. G5 Powermac RAM

    Yeah I read that article seems like that graphics card is pretty much the best in a G5. Sounds good to me I can't afford the price of a mac haha.
  4. G5 Powermac RAM

    Thanks for your reply! I heard of the matched pairs so I was thinking of getting a kit of 2GB split into 1GB per stick. So basically, any matched pair of 400 MHz PC3200 DDR SDRAM in matched pairs should be fine. Btw, yeah I noticed that my graphics card is pretty good considering for a G5 I heard that just finding a 256MB gfx card loaded into a G5 is pretty rare and I got the entire system for free. I feel that this system will be a good upgrade for FCP from a hackintosh laptop.
  5. G5 Powermac RAM

    I have a Early 2005 G5 that I inherited from a friend. Specs: Dual Processor 2.0GHZ G5 Two 2gb of DDR 400 RAM AGP 256MB Radeon x800xt Mac Edition 500GB Hard Drive PCI Slots Anyways, I want to max out the ram slots to 4GB so I need DDR 400 ram for my G5. Do I need to get some kind of special labeled exclusively for mac ram or can I just get any 2GB (2 x 1GB) ram kit that is DDR 400?
  6. ATI Radeon 9650 256MB AGP Power Mac G5 This card is used but LOOKS LIKE NEW! 100% Working Excellent Condition Has 256MB of VRAM onboard! Will work with your PowerMAC G5 if it has a AGP 8x Slot! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180605380686
  7. 4GB Ram + 10.5.8 = Hang on Boot?!

    Yeah I used iDeneb 10.5.8 too.
  8. 4GB Ram + 10.5.8 = Hang on Boot?!

    Ok I sent it. Thank you again.
  9. 4GB Ram + 10.5.8 = Hang on Boot?!

    Yes, I am sure that 4GB is the official max. It is stated so in my documentation of my laptop. Though, it has been documented on the internet that i945GM chipsets have a limitation of 3.25GB being detected since they cannot memory remap. I can easily put the two 2GB modules in my laptop and run windows perfectly, no BSODS, no hangups nothing. Overall, it has to be OSX. I really don't mind only have 3.25GB to share with my 950GMA but I just want to have that much and not just 2.5GB.
  10. 4GB Ram + 10.5.8 = Hang on Boot?!

    Well, from what I can see it doesn't work with my 4GB of RAM since it doesn't boot. I do not see why it shouldn't but it doesn't... I tried that before I posted here. Never worked for me. Could be due to the fact that I have a Intel IDE Controller not JMicron or Nforce. Also, I do not have a AppleVIAATA.kext on my system. Thanks for trying though. I appreciate it.
  11. 4GB Ram + 10.5.8 = Hang on Boot?!

    In windows I can use that amount. Yet, Mac freezes with and without kernel maxmem flags.
  12. 4GB Ram + 10.5.8 = Hang on Boot?!

    I have tried maxmem flags before. I have tried: 4096 3062 3702 2048 2559 None worked. All hang. No Panics just a hang. From what I see happening in the -v is that my VoodooHDADevice posts differently and my GMA950 also posts differently then when I am running only on one stick. I even tried to edit it in the apple boot.plist and it still just hanged on boot. Even if I put both ram sticks in and set the ram amount as much as I know that is with the 2gb + 512mb config which works. But it still have not worked when I entered it. I even tried just setting it as the amount of one stick and it has not worked. I stated it earlier in the thread but perhaps you missed it. Supposedly, my chipset 945GM does support 4gb of ram but can only use 3gb of ram because it is limited by its hardware since it does not have memory remapping. Anyways, even though Im losing out on a 1gb Id still like to use my two mushkin sticks.