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PC or Mac?


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I recently plucked up the courage to attempt to produce a hackintosh. I started last month with a seimens s7020 and after much arguing, hair loss, ageing, etc. I finally sat staring proudly at a leopard desktop. After replacing the wireless minipci, with a minipci i retrieved from a netgear router, i even had wireless. Unfortunately the sound let me down as i could not get drivers for the alc260 nor find a decent codec dump. Couldn't get 2finger scrolling to work. On top of that the dvd player crashed on startup so i gave up on it.


This afternoon I obtained a s6410 much closer to mac specs installed kalyway 10.5.2. sound works with azilla, vesa graphics work but the x3100 doesn't. I tried installing the leopardgraphicsupdate 1.0 but it caused the screen to go blue then black then lines would appear and it would fade to white. i tried plugging in an external monitor and i just got a blue screen. worse when i try to install jas 10.5.4 i get the same thing before it gets to ui and i can't install it i'm sure its fixable but then i have to contest with the wireless which is intel 4965agn which although there are some drivers they are still in development and its not as neat as a card that is recognised as an airport.


my specs on the s6410 are:

T8100 (2.1GHz)

3 MB 800Mhz

Intel® GM965 ICH 8-M

2048mb ram

Built-in ConfCamera (1,3 megapixle VGA Camera) (love to see this work)

Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN (although aledgedly there is an optional atheros minicard which i think was picked up with dcpi manager so hope there)

Bluetooth V2.0

RealTek ALC262

DX10! (at like 2fps)


anyway what i really want to know is: is it possible or even worth it? If it does work, eventually, will it ever be as good as a mac?

If you can help, point me in the right direction or if you think it makes more sense to wait and see what santa leaves under the tree then let us know.


oh and before people winge about searching first. i started looking 7hours and 42mins ago (the time it took for crysis warhead to download).


any feedback appreciated



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