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  1. hi, I have a macbook2,1 and I wondered if anyone knew how to enable three and four finger gestures as well as inertial scrolling. I have tried smart scroll but surely there must be a more elegant hack? thanks in advance. tim.
  2. About that guide...

    Hey all sorry i never got back to anyone with my guide. Between starting university, getting a proper macbook and the release of snow leopard. This guide sort of got forgotten. However, here is the DSDT (in both aml and _fixed.txt for editing) I was using it contains various fixes for; RTC Real Time Clock, DTGP Method Added, PNLF Backlight Added (Brightness Fix), New HPET Added, CRT Entry Removed (supposedly helps with some GMA X3100s, * X3100 Entry added (a la GMA 950 fix), * LID Sleep Added, * AC Entry Added (supposed to help with compatibility), * WAK Fix Added, USB Sleep Added, * LANC Fixed (As in LAN Controller). * Anything with a * besides it is either not working or not confirmed. Thus this is branded WORK IN PROGRESS! I suggest you either get someone on this forum who knows what they're doing to glance over it, fix it yourself or use the DSDT Patcher to make your own "raw" dsdt_fixed.txt and add in the bits that do work (just copy and paste) then compile. I think when I last used this; *I was running 10.5.8 (NOT TESTED WITH SNOW LEO could be good though), *With bootthink (just for looks, chameleon is fantastic but all its bells and whistles make no difference to us intel gfx users.) *With native kexts (except fakeSMC.kext (thanks netkas)). *The internal screen showed an image but not a good one (nor the mess you would get before going entirely native so I would call it progress) *Which could be attributed to the EDID in the DSDT (even though it is the correct EDID for our screens and not the fake one displayed by switchresx) *And i was plugged into an external screen which ran fine. Also included are the byte flipped and organised pin configurations for the alc262 in the s6410 ready to be added to a plist. Have a good look at The King's HDA Guide and hopefully you could get full audio with jack detection working! Sorry again for the lack of a comprehensive guide. It was shaping up pretty good with click by click tutorials to make it fool proof. Too much has changed since I started it. Snow leopard has wonderful x3100 kexts for us which only require the use of switchresx to obtain perfect graphics which was really the s6410s only downfall and I can confirm that 10.6.2 will have 64bit versions of these kexts (as well as the gma 950) and your lifebook will sing! Final note: Having used a meagre macbook2,1 for a while now I can safely say that there is no substitute for the real thing. I have Snow Leopard and Windows 7 installed hassle free. Not to discourage or insult the genius hackintosh community but the real thing is pretty sweet. Good Luck! Tim. s6410_DSDT_and_pins.zip