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Mobo/video recs for iDeneb v1.1?

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I'm building my first hackingtosh. I have iDeneb 1.1 and it seems to be promising from trying it on my Sony TX laptop. So I want to build a desktop from scratch.


Priorities: ease of install, compatibility now with ideneb 1.1 and with future OSX86 development, quiet, cheap, reasonably powerful.


I'd like up to 8GB ram (start with 4GB), Intel core 2 proc (probably Q6600), nvidia 8800ish graphics (cool or at least quiet hopefully). I'd like audio, network and hopefully firewire to work with a minimum of fuss if not out of the box. Shutdown and sleep is important, stable is a must etc.


What mobo and video card do you think will fit those requirements well? I just want to start with a good, solid, trouble free foundation.



Thanks in advance for helping a total newb.


Is there a simple list of the classic, well supported motherboards? Or a filterable list? Just going through the hardware lists is a little frustrating. Very hard to tell what looks promising with my requirements.

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