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Problems with TM restore!


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Hi All,


First of all, I would like to say THANKS to all the community!

I bought a new pc only for having the MAC OS X installed, but it was stupid of me to buy an Asus P5K-E and not the GA-P35-DS3L one.

my specs:

Intel C2D E8400 @ 3.0 GHz on Asus P5K-E / WiFi

4x1GB DDR2 RAM @ 667MHz

XFX 8800GT 512 MB

3 HDDs: 320 GB (MAC OS X), 250 GB (TM BACKUP), 160 GB (MS VISTA), all SATA2 drives


Anyway, after a lot of hard working I managed to have Leopard working in a decent level (although sleep/shutdown didnot work).

Apart from that everything else was working (Audio, Graphics, Time Machine).

Installed the Kalyway 10.5.1, updated to 10.5.4, but I had to keep some kext files the same and use the 9.2.0 sleep kernel in order to have the usb working.

Although, it was hard to make them all work, I made them and so I would like to know (if possible of course) what kexts are needed for what exactly?

Which kexts are responsible for USB?

Which kexts are responsible for the HDDs?

Which for sound?

Is there a list of what a specific kext is responsible for?


During the last two days I updated to 10.5.5.

The good thing was that with the new kernel (9.5.0) and System.kext, I had USB working.

I lost the sound but I updated the AppleHDA.kext, and now it is working too (taruga something was the driver).

The Graphics card was ok from the very first moment of the update.

But then I realised that Time Machine was not working. Again it said "Disk could not be found". Some time ago, I solved this issue by deactivating the sleep function of the disks but now this trick didnot work. I searched the forum and everybody says that I should use IONetworking from ToH collection; but the funny thing is that 10.5.5 update did not change the IONetworking at all...


While I was messing around with kexts, I destroyed my installation. After some tries, I decided to go with the TM restore from the kalyway installation disc. After waiting to load, I selected TM Restore from the menu. All went fine, but finally no boot (blinking cursor).

Yesterday, I installed the bootloader like in this topic http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=100473, but then my booting process freezes when the boot device is found.


I will try again to install the bootloader maybe an earlier version, but it would be good to know why TM restore didnot work...

If it doesnt work there is no need to have it working... and this is not good!

What if I installed the Kalyway from Scratch, and then selected during the configuration (when installation is finished and configuarition starts asking about usernames, passwords, addresses, there is a moment asking if i want to transfer settings from a firewire cable, network, time machine backup or nothing) to restore from Time machine?

or even if I logged in to the newly installed Leopard and restore from TM then?


Sorry for the big post! but I don't have a pc working and it is very frastrating!!!


Cheers to all of you,



p.s. I am searching to buy a GIGABYTE motherboard now and keeping the ASUS for spare!

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yes, you are right that it is not a real mac, but at least i should find a way of doing a restore that it is working.

actually the pain in the ass is that it is the first time... if i find the way, then i will know how to do it next time...

Actually, I am thinking of installing the actual bootloader dmg from the kalyway DVD but I am thinking how to do it without formatting my HDD.

is it possible to install the package from the DVD to the partition through the terminal appearing during the installation...

is there any command that I could install a package at a specific partition...




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