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Intel Wireless wifi link 5100 Centrino 2 wireless card

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heloo guys..i just finished installing leo4all on my p-7811 fx gateway notebook


this is a centrino 2 gaming laptop and it has a Intel Wireless WiFI link 5100 wireless card with a/b/g/n on it...my macos doesn't even recognize its presence...



is there any way to make it work?


also i have an 9800m GTS video card...any links to where i shoult look...meaning has anybody managed to install something like this in macos?



can u pls move it to lan/wireless section :censored2:

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dude, no one has any answers via google or this forum for nvidia 9xxx cards, I have a centrino 2 laptop by asus with the same wifi card, the bt is detected but no wifi - i think from what i read we are out of luck, but NO HELP whatsoever for the nvidia 9 series cards...



- I am still looking have been since early august.


if you find something let me know...




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