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  1. released Update to 10.6.4

    GA-X58A-UD3R with update 10.6.4? anyone? I just got this working with audio for 10.6.3 and wondering how if anyone with these specs or similar had any issues or not while updating to 10.6.4... GA-X58A-UD3R with o/c i7 930 running at 3.8 stable 6 gigs 1600 corsair ram wd 1.5 hd blu-ray lite on sata drive Thank you.
  2. I downloaded the RTGNICv2.0.0.pkg from realteks site, it shows up the properly added the ethernet as it said to do, but no matter what lan i plug it in to it only gets SELF ASSIGNED IP!!! Its driving me nuts, I used osx86tools to download and install drivers which gives me the 8168/8111 Driver to install from same rtg 2.0 package. I downloaded the latest r1000.ket 1.81 I believe and that does not work too, the funny thing is the iatkos 10.5.5 installation i had worked OOB I tried, duplicating card, while turing one off, changing MTU and other manual settings - zilch - just self assigned IP - Firewall is set to allow everything I am currently using XxX10.5.6 with 10.5.7 Update and it did not work in 10.5.6 or the update. Does anyone have a working ionetworking family kext or anything that could help me? Asus m70-vm 2.53 C2D 4 GIG Ram Broadcom Wireless (replaces 5100) 320 GIG ACHI SATA Drve ICH9 Chipset with voodoo hda running alc663 audio. folks?
  3. 10.5.7 Released

    All went well for me on combo update- asus m70vm-x1 modded bios, vanilla kernel, voodoo hda, voodoo ps2 controller, only thing i needed to do was apply 10.5.6 apple achi to fix orange icon. Everything was good to go - no issues at all.
  4. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    OK i should have been more clear - using the suppiled kext, and using kext help and force -f -v on startup yeilds no sound, now on the voodoo software I was able to build one and it works after using the load command, my question is WHERE does that built KEXT go? i can not find it - after its built, so where do i find it so I can use kext helper to put it in the xtension folder?
  5. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Damn this did not load - on startup on the asus m70-vm - anyone else got some luck.... How did you create the kext from the BUILD command? i can not figure that out - every reboot I have to do the load command - so where is the kext? if you can help me there....
  6. VoodooHDA

    Hello all I am getting this error - what am i doing wrong? EDIT: Nevermind - needed full install of xcode, now is there a way to get this to work on boot without typing the " sudo ./helper.sh load" command everytime?
  7. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    VOODOO is here can we get this to work on the 663 folks? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161638 it works for me - microphone too - just some issues muting the mic when needed not to play back with speakers... But this works, also u need to install xcode tools, then use this script - sudo ./helper.sh build, then after that sudo ./helper.sh load - done.
  8. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    so far all have dropped out - i have to live with limited sound and it seems this topic is dead.
  9. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    actually mine runs fine - vanilla kernel with audieee, has something to do with ACPI i believe. I installed with IPC FInal and did basic for installtion, just choose achi, nvdarwin, and ps2 keyboard. Then after install fixed dmg crash with 10.5.5 seatbelt and all is fine.
  10. ALC663

  11. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    nothing guys, I am not one - who is smart enough - to solve this... I have to just be satisfied with azailla and audieee to allow the sound to go at boot. sorry guys, i was one of the first, and can not help more then just complaining. I was of a thought that there was hope of voodoo HD implementation, but cant even find news on that.
  12. for 10.5.6 DMG panics - just remove the seatbelt.kext from s/l/e and install the 10.5.5 seatbelt kext. seatbelt.kext.zip
  13. Asus X83VB-X1 N80 Series

    yeah man the 663 is a work in progress that requires a warm start booting to vista first then OSX, works with headphones and speakers out at the same time. However its an azialla mod, and the only progress made on this damn card. the 5100 is no good as you know we all who have this type of ASUS laptop bought the gigabyte wifi card with a/b/g/n and works perfect for both OS's. - Dan from the http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=144423 forum.
  14. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    OK 663 folks, these russians are in the same situation as us, but seem to be a bit more insightful, lets monitor this as well. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...3Dcom.microsoft:* when u hit this link, search on the page for "663" they are updated as of today with progress. Hey Toast, I see you volunteered for the Voodoo Beta HDA testing, any word or progress?
  15. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    hey Tur, i get the same issue in verbose, even when doing cold starts, very odd.