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I need recommendations on the motherboard I should buy!

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So here is what I had in mind as a setup:


Ram (4gig of kingston hyperX 1066mhz) : http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=9975

GFX ( ATI HD3870 depends on the mobo tho) : http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=8827

Proc (Q9550): http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=7845

Case : http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=7878

HDD : http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=9582

DVD : http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=7649

PSU : http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=4939

Fan : http://www.sohodiffusion.com/produit.asp?num=8801



I know this info can be found somewhere but I was looking into the HCL and it's just too confusing for my little head. I want feedback from people who actually tested motherboards with success! 


I wanted a motherboard for about 200$ maybe a bit more or less I dont really care, but I wanted it to be compatible with OSX.


Any thoughts?







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Sorry about that. My eyes ain't what they used to be. As far as a board, I have seen good results lately with the GA-EP45-DS3R, and in general there seems to be a lot of support Gigabyte boards on this forum. There are some nice Asus boards, as well. Do some searching on what ever you decide to make sure you can handle what ever tweaking you are going to need to do.


There is no such thing as a straight forward hacintosh build. There is always some complication.


P.S. To maximize compatibility change the DVD-R drive to a Pioneer DVR-216 SATA drive. IDE is dead man.

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