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How to get 1440x900 resolution?


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I'm running Kalyway 10.5.2, with your same Intel chipset and a Compaq w17q monitor that displays the same resolution. After trying several solutions to no avail (the SwitchResX solution being one of them), I backed up any files I'd saved under the OS X partition and reinstalled.


However, this time, BEFORE installation, on the confirmation screen, I clicked 'Customize' and under the Video drivers tab you should see no drivers checked off for installation. Expand the category tree and you should see 'Intel GMA 950'; check that off to install that. Leave any other drivers unchecked (this is important!) and when OS X finishes installation and reboots, it should automatically refresh your display into 1440x900 resolution. I actually get a faster refresh rate in OS X than in Windows or Ubuntu for whatever reason.


I have no idea if this helps you or applies to your installation or not, but this is what I did, and everything works great.

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