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  1. I followed this thread with VMWare Workstation 7 on Windows. Worked pretty well, though I had to change the VM type to Windows NT after installing or I would get an odd panic that wasn't verbose at all.
  2. As far as I understand it should be just fine as long as the CPU would work fine with a fresh install. I haven't tested it personally though, but should not be an issue at all.
  3. I would have to agree on the CPU unless you need that. I do virtualization, without the support. Just slightly different. Only thing I don't like is I have a difficult time virtualizing in mac at times, but oh well. Most works however. I do run on 2 GB's of ram very well, and never had a single speed issue in Snow Leo, and do programming, and have used photoshop and dreamweaver CS4 without any noticeable slow downs. My CPU however did not come with thermal compound, so I'd grab the actic silver Thanks Zaap, i wasn't aware about the GFX card!
  4. Looks like it should do what it needs. Just do a little research on these forums especially on the mobo, see about kexts as snow leo kexts are not as plentiful as leo, but assuming you got any you need, looking great.
  5. Iin my experience, just double check that board on these forums, look for kexts that you may need (if any) and buy a copy of Snow Leo, and you should be able to run vanilla with Chamelion 2 RC3 (most current at time of posting or better). Good luck, and feel free to PM or IM me if you need any help!
  6. Both of those links reported malicious sights, and my AVG antivirus caught viruses from both. Do not click the links if you are on windows!
  7. kdb424

    iPod OS X

    I got this working with my Mac. Worked great. Slow as hell, but great!
  8. Has anyone found wireless drivers for it? In Iatkos V1i I had Ethernet but with 2.0i it can't get on the net at all.
  9. For the holidays my friend got a compaq laptop and asked if I would install his spare copy of mac on it as I installed it on my own a while back(same laptop type). My biggest issue is the wireless did not work and the screen resolution could have been better. Does amine know of some kexts or fixes so I can make it a nice holiday for him? I am looking myself but I tend to look over stuff so that's why I ask on top of searching. Please don't say that I didn't search. Thanks so much!
  10. Honestly I can't see why people cant use both hack and mac together nicely. It's good to know and own both bonus legality. Really though some of us love the OS and like the hardware from apple so we choose to use our own. What's wrong with that minus the legal part? Psystar stands up for us! Even if you don't like them you know they are fighting for us. Not just to make some money.
  11. I would recommend less bumping. It will get you in trouble and make your computer look like no one wants it. That's no way to sell something. At least delete some useless bumps from the topic to clean it up. It does have. Some nice specs but he is right. That case is unappealing.
  12. kdb424

    Hackintosh for sale

    would you sell us and if so what would you charge with usd and shipping? I might be interested depending on finances.
  13. kdb424

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    I know it's a little late in the process, but have you tried Damn Small Linux? Or Puppy Linux? Those are very light. Just trying to help.
  14. I tried to get this to load an ISO, but it only accepts DMG's. That should be fixed, or at least make it convert it, and remove the original, or something, because it's always easier to let something do everything for you, so there is more chance for error.
  15. It was this script. It messed up my vanilla install in my Macbook pro. Not the installer, but the script messed up the computer I ran it on.