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Please HELP! with installation of either leopard/tiger!


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Hello Everyone. :D


I got a laptop a few days ago. I currently run Windows Vista Ultimate. I am some what satisfied but I also want to try Mac on it. I have used it at school and its pretty cool. First of, i might be a newbie. Don't really know difference between Mac OS tiger/leopard! I'll list my computer specs under and if you could please help me choose the right OS X, Kaleyway AMD on PC or else.I'll have to multi-boot too. while Vista is on the same Hard Drive. If any questions please feel free to ask.

-Any Help will be greatly appreciated! Thank-You! :P


Sys:Toshiba Satellite A300D

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate(64bit/x64) 6.0

Processor: AMD Turion x2 64

Memory: 3GB

Video: ATI Radeon Mobility 3650 |HD| 2GB

***For most cards Audio/Video/Network drivers i ahve found them on this site!

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Thanks MacNutty

I am sorry as i said i am kind of newbie.

HCL? i've never heard of it but i googled it and it gave me HCL 10.5 so i guess it would be another version of MAC OS X?



**One more thing for helpers

I tried to boot into Kaleyway 10.5.2 and the computer is loading Darwin when it restarts. Darwin loads for a few seconds and it restarts every time i try. I havn't set bios settings cuz i don't know how.

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