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question about AppleACPIPlatform.kext


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Ok on an asus m70vm laptop, used Jas, which install with NO boot flags whatsoever and Leo4all Server (needs cpu=1 bootflag)


After install from both distros, i get this kernel panic with booting with "-v"


com.driver.apple.AppleACPIPlatform... has co-dependencies... blah blah blah, what do i need to do to get past this?


or is this a way of saying that i will not be able to install any of the distros.


p45 chipset, c2d 2.53, 4 gigs ram, intel ichi 9 sb.


is it possible? I am dual booting vista and a MBR 2 partitioned drive, vista on partition 2 and the darwin boot loader works fine selecting either boot - but for each distro i cant get past this acpiplatform... on the JAS distro i dont see options for other acpis i could try i did every combination, and same with leo4all server...


the bios i have is very limited in changing anything... am i doomed to this fate of coming so close but never making it?


please help...

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