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10.5.5 update...boot just in safemode


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I have updated my 10.5.4 with the tutorial linked in homepage of insanelymac....

When I boot my hackintosh, and the finder should come up, I got a black screen with never ending turning spindle (after a light blue backround disappear) ...


It's seems Finder cannot load in normal mode... I have tried to follow the info here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=126309 for the davkit but nothing change...


I have restored my kexts and kernel .... may it's some kext hanging?

I have tried to install natit, new nvinstall also...but nothing change...


Any idea?



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Hi !


always precise your software config and hardware config etc etc....


I had the black screen too, and my hack was only able to start under safe mode. It was my graphics kext (I had already replaced AppleHDA / SMBIOS). Because Apple has chaged something concerning the graphics, the old kext from native install (for me Kaly 10.5.2) do not work this time. I found it HERE..


It's just a suggestion concerning graphics kext.. I'm not sure about that.


and there are active post concerning 10.5.5 problems here and here..

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I'm aware of the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. I've removed it, since it causes a kernel panic when used.


Here is my setup:


iAtkos v4 updated to 10.5.5 using Apple delta installer

vanilla 9.4 kernel (before upgrade)

ECS G31T-M motherboard

Intel E8400 CPU



I've moved aside all ATIRadeon*.kext to another folder. When I reboot in normal mode, just like the OP, I get a blue screen with a spinning disk. When I boot into safe mode, I get a blue screen, then a console with some output, then the blue screen again in an unending loop. Its as if the window manager has trouble starting for some reason.

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