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a few questions about installing leopard


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Hi there, new to the forums and had a few questions.


Ive tried searching for as much of this info as I could, but if I missed something please direct me to the page.


Okay, so I have a dell inspiron 1520 it comes with a nvidia 8600M GT vid card 512mb ram, 2gig ram, 150 gig hd for my wireless connection im using a dlink range booster (DWA-142) its a usb adapter.


1) Ive been reading through the forums about the nvidia drivers .. and I read something that if you had a 512mb vid card that it wouldn't work? also I tried searching for nvidia 8600M gt drivers but didn't find anything, so if I just overlooked somewhere please direct me to the link.


2) I havn't found any dlink drivers on this site so if there isn't any for my wireless adapter, is there any drivers for the built in one (dell 1490 dual band wlan mini card) again i searched for it and didn't find anything


3) I guess the last question I had is about dual booting, im using acronis, have my harddrive partioned into the 2 one for xp and one for mac os x, does the OS selecter work with the new versions (im using iatkos v4i). I saw a video of someone showing step by step how to make it work with v1.0 so just want to be sure it will work with these newer versions)


Thanks in advance.

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