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is it possible?

Current Version being used: leo4all 10.5.4 SERVER


Ok installed again, I am just lost here, I am not a noob at this too I have install on many desktops just the laptop is a roadblock...

Ok again , installed 5th time. No matter what options, EFI or NO EFI for MBR and reformatted the entire drive for just this install produces the following results...


1) INTELCPUMANAGEMENT , INTELPIISATA & APPLEACPI - thought the CPUMANAGEMENT was to be ignored from install. I go in and remove that kext then boot it back...

then I get the intelpiisata one and apple acpi - so i go back and delete the intelpiisata.kext then reboot

and finally stuck on this one - APPLEACPI dependencies... I installed from the CD, 1.1.0 default, then 1.21 then vanilla - ALL PRODUCE the same result.


So for the hec of it i deleted the APPLEACPI - then it boots but give the PLEASE RESTART YOUR COMPUTER GSOD - for can't find ACPI,


So what ACPI can i use? and my damn bios is so limited from ASUS, the only distro to date to boot without cpus=1 is JAS 10.5.4 but cant boot after install, this current distro i can boot after install but cant get past the grey screen, and booting with "-v" dies on that appleacpi...


Please anyone I have been trolling these forums for someone who could help...


The only other version that came close to installing without and -v, cpus=1, etc {censored} was JAS 10.5.4 but after install system would not boot

this leo4all server, cant get past the appleacpi issue...


has anyone encountered this and if so what did you do?

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