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ATI PCI Express 2600 HD


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As title says


I decided to do a shift about on my pc and formatted some drive etc


I used to have osx leopard 10.5.0 installed and all worked perfectly.


i decided to download and install Jas 10.5.4 Client


It installed ok


however when I boot it up I get a Pixilated screen.


Now here is the point of this post. Can someone help me get teh display working. LOL I done it before but I forgot how to get it back.


I have a Ati Saphire 2600Pro HD card running a Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW



If I boot in using the onboard shuttle intel card it works but I want to use my DVI port on the PCI card so I don't need to keep swapping Graphics cards between Vista and Leopard





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