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  1. ATI PCI Express 2600 HD

    bump. can anyone help pweeeeeeeeeze Mike
  2. ATI PCI Express 2600 HD

    As title says I decided to do a shift about on my pc and formatted some drive etc I used to have osx leopard 10.5.0 installed and all worked perfectly. i decided to download and install Jas 10.5.4 Client It installed ok however when I boot it up I get a Pixilated screen. Now here is the point of this post. Can someone help me get teh display working. LOL I done it before but I forgot how to get it back. I have a Ati Saphire 2600Pro HD card running a Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW If I boot in using the onboard shuttle intel card it works but I want to use my DVI port on the PCI card so I don't need to keep swapping Graphics cards between Vista and Leopard Cheers Mike
  3. Surely someone has encountered this error before Mike
  4. Hi all I have recntly been given a Ibook G4 which I use for my Photoshop and picture editing. I have a windows Vista PC and a Windows 2003 server on my network. From the windows PC I can connect and see the files in the share mykserv\pictures. On the server I have set up a few user accounts, the main admin one and second account for my windows PC to connect to upon login. I have tried to connect my Ibook to the shares. I have tried double clicking on the disk, selecting Network. It pauses for a second then shows me the domain, and then the server. I am prompted for the username and password. I enter them and click save password. I then get an error about the alias being incorrect, and I can try again. But it just loops. I have also tried to use finder to connect to the server, I enter smb://server ip or smb://server ip/share where i get prompted for a password and user name. I enter these and it says they are incorrect. I have read elsewhere Its a policy thing in Win2k3 server. I have disabled the 2 settings in the security policy for domain security policys, and also Installed the additional apple shares in windows advanced components. But still nothing can anyone help or advise me on what I can try Cheers Mike
  5. Laptop Startup issue

    anyone please help Mike
  6. Laptop Startup issue

    Hi there I have a Compaq Evo N620C with osx86 10.4.11 I installed ok, and booted in and can use the OS but it insists on being pugged into the mains to boot. Its like It does not have enough power to read from the Hard Disk. Even with a -v boot option it still will not boot. I get this far then it hangs BSD root:disk0s1, major 14 minor 1 If I reboot the same error occours and it does not get any further. However if I pop the power cable into the laptop reboot, it works I am posting this post on the laptop just now any ideas??? Cheers Mike
  7. Compaq Evo N620C PCMCIA Card

    Hi there I have recently installed 10.4.11 onto my laptop Compaq Evo N620C Is there a way I can get the PCMCIA card slots working so I can use my CF card reader? Cheers Mike
  8. Radeon Mobility 7500 on compaq evo n620c

    ok I have just tried a reinstall of 10.4.11 when booting up after the install I get as far as this line kernel Version: Darwin kernel Version 8.9.1 :thu may 3 02:38:46 UZT 2007; made by ToH:xnu-792.18.15/BUILD/obj/release_I386 and it sits there for ages, does nothing till u reboot Mike
  9. Radeon Mobility 7500 on compaq evo n620c

    I have downloaded and tried that install, but it fails to work. It installs then on the boot up it hangs and never gets into mac osx I have tried the -v option as well Mike
  10. Hi there i have recently installed Mac OSX 86 version 10.4.6 on my Compact Evo N620C i had to play about and install the network card but its working ok now. However i can't get the Inbuilt ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 to work any ideas or hints on where I can get drivers I have tried to serch the forum but all links to these drivers or .kext's are old and no longer avalible cheers for ur help in advance Mike

    basically I downloaded the driver and then ran the package on my mac. Wolla Done a restart and it all worked aprat from I can't change the resolution above 1024*768. I am still trying to look for a fix for this of anyone can shed any light it would be great] Mike
  12. I have succesfully upgraded to 1.1.1 using the above guide. ist great and very very helpful mike
  13. so after I run the virginizer I do the upgrade of firmware to 1.1.1 using I tunes and the shift and click on upgrade. Then do I just use ibricker to apply anysim to the handset. How do I go about activating the handset. cheers Mike

    wow that driver worked Now I don't mean to be a right {censored} but is there anyway I can now increase my resolution to above 1024*768. and if possible get a dual split monitor between my two dvi tft's if not the increase in res would be much handier Mike
  15. HI there I have a unlocked and jail broken iphone running 1.0.2 at the moment with a o2 simcard. The phone is a US phone that has been unlocked using anysim. I would like to update to 1.1.1 to take advantage of the better reception and louder speaker function. basically how do I do it. I know that you have to Virginise your phone, but all the guides I find are a bit rubbish and never give much detail. I also have the 1.1.1 software on my HD that I downloaded from modmyifone.com. any help or suggestions cheers Mike p.s I would prefer windows instructions but I do have a hackintiosh