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No Sound on 855chipset please help


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i was running 10.4.5 everything worked my problem was the resolution stretched so i heard that in 4.1 you can have full resolution so i decided to give it a try-installed it 10.4.1 works fine everything works

except wifi and sound..


my laptop is listed under 10.4.1 hardware compat-i have a dv1150us is a dv1000 series laptop

they list sound working--can so,mebody please help me fix this issue?

i tried loading the kext file appleaudio i get an error message every boot saying inmstalled incorrectly

i found the file on this board i think is for a 10.4.3 install anybody have one for 10.4.1?

please the resolution on x.4.5 sucked it rocks on x.4.1 all i need is sound

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