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would like help with removing leopard


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a while ago i installed leo 10.5.4 on my pc dual-booting with Xp. i couldnt get the graphics fixed so i decided to free up the 50GB of my hdd for windows since it was getting tight in there. so what i did was that i used an old gnome partition editor to delete the osx partition and extended the xp partition. everything was good. now when i started my comp without the cd, it gave me a b0 error so i assumed that smth went wrong with the bootloaders and in dos i typed fixmbr so it would change back to the original windows bootloader, but instead at the next startup it gave me the reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device, now i cant understand anything whats happening + i cant access my hdd from the ubuntu live cd because it says that it cant mount the selected volume. at more info it says

error: device /dev/sda1 is not removable

error: could not execute pmount

if i could get most of the important stuff out of there, i would do a format, but i really dont want to lose what i have on there, so is there an answer which excludes format on how to fix it, if not then how to get to the files on the hdd from a live cd.


all help is appreciated, thanks :wub:

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try following:

insert your osx dvd and boot.

choose terminal in utilities an type


fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 ("0" assuming you have a single hd built in and your windows os is located on this hd)

flag 1 ("1" assuming your os i installed on the first partition on that hd)




your machine will reboot, remove dvd.

hope this helps!

try knoppix if ubuntu doesn´t work.

however, it´s possible that your mbr is totally wrecked and you have to reinstall windows..

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