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NVidia 10.5.5


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Yesterday I did a complete upgrade 10.5.2->10.5.5, which ended up messing my nvidia driver. At first the windowserver kept crashing or using 100% Cpu. I found out that it s an issue with the OpenGL.framework that seemed out of sync. To fix that I had to extract the 9f23 installer package and copy using scp/ssh from another computer the wrong file.


Secondly after this being fixed i had my nvidia card recognized but I had QE / CI disabled. I tried using an EFI string or XDarwin injector but it didnt work.


I then installed 9f9 installer package hoping that it was a driver issue, but still 9f9 + EFI String or 9f9 + NVinjector was a no go still no QE/CI.


In the end I installed NVInstaller v.41 + Injector + EFI (The injector is the one built in in the nv41 package) and QE / CI came back enabled. I stopped messing around as I had lost a couple hours already.


So here are a summup of things:


9f23 installer + EFI = 9f23 installer + EFI + Injector = No QE / CI but Card recognized. It also fix windowserver messed up.

9f9 installer + EFI = 9f9 + EFI + Injector = No QE / CI

v.41installer + EFI + Injector = QE / CI


I havent tried a xbench to compare performance from the previous version (though i think 10.5.2 driver = v.41 installer driver so wouldnt change much).


Also if you want to find out which driver you are using here is a trick i found yesterday by messing around :


in a terminal type kextstat | grep -i NV

com.apple.NVDAResman (x.x.x)


Behind NVDAResman you ll see a serie of 3 digit :

- 5.2.6 = v.41 installer

- 9f9 or 9f23 = 5.3.0


I m not sure if it s possible but it might worth a try if you dont care messing around your installation, it s to use the NVDA* from the package v.41 installer but the GeForce*.bundle from the 9f23 installer. I m not sure if it would work but the way i understand it is that the GeForce*.bundle are the actual driver, the NV* are the loaders.


I hope it helps anyone in the same situation where I was. Good Luck :)


PS : I have an Asus P5B with a Core2Duo / 4Go of Memory / 8600 GT - 256MB / SATA HDD. So far after a day of use 10.5.5 seems solid.

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