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  1. [HOW TO] Pin Config!

    you should find the same thing in winxp
  2. [HOW TO] Pin Config!

    you replace the one where you inserted your device id.
  3. [HOW TO] Pin Config!

    use plist edit pro and edit the raw configdata. if your edit the plist with textedit it wont work.
  4. Hi just wondering why whenever my laptop wakes from sleep it says "no batteries available" for my powermanagement and my usb devices all disconnect and fail? any ideas?
  5. [HOW TO] Pin Config!

    PIN CONFIG GUIDE EDIT: Sorry but please do not PM me about further help with this or developing kexts as I really can't devote time to supporting this post (university ) <3 1. Log onto your windows install. Open up control panel - Device Manager. Find your audio device and click properties. Under the details tab find your “device class guid” and copy it to your clipboard. 2.under search type “regedit” and run it. search your registry for your device class guid. Under one of the tabs you will find an icon named “PinConfigOverrideVerbs”. HERE ARE YOUR PINCONFIGS!! 3.byte flip all this data (yes really!). it takes a while but it often helps audio progress! you should end up with a long string of binary data like this: ex. <00a71c1f 00a71d40 00a71e2b 00a71f02 01871c50 01871d10 01871ea0 01871f90 00b71c20 00b71d30 00b71e8b 00b71f02 00c71cf0 00c71d00 00c71ef1 00c71f40 00d71c40 00d71d01 00d71e10 00d71f90 00e71cf2 00e71d00 00e71ef1 00e71f40 00f71cf7 00f71d00 00f71ef1 00f71f40 01071c60 01071de0 01071e4b 01071f01 01171c30 01171de0 01171ecb 01171f01> Now you put this value into your apple HDA controller kext ENJOY!
  6. sounds like a great idea. what kext handles webcam drivers with internals?
  7. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    hi everyone sorry ive been away. i will be posting the pinconfig guide within the week for all you IDTers out there with no sound! P.S. i got your emails and it seems like pinconfig is the problem
  8. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    sorry uh just send your linux codec dump and your applehda.kext :censored2:
  9. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    you need to get a linux codec dump for your audio codec. send your stuff to age_sabres18@hotmail.com and shutdown doesnt work because this kext is out of date compared to 10.5.5.
  10. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    You either have made a small mistake along the way or you need u need your ConfigData. Audio drivers from your ideneb install will not help you. if you want send me your audio info and i can patch it for you or check the one over that you already patched.
  11. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    your very welcome! im workin on the pinconfig guide because i believe this will solve all of your problems that is your subsystem device id. looks like u need your pinconfig because of the blank screen:S i will do my best to get the guide done
  12. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    i see what your problem is. your audio controller dev id is wrong. and intel ich9 audio controller will have a dev id ending in 8086. ex. mine is 0x293e8086 your guna love this but i think u have the exact same setup as me lol try my kext with my pinconfig in it: http://rapidshare.com/files/156344109/111D...pleHDA.kext.zip yea i believe it written correctly 111D76B0 becomes ---> B0761D11 i think your confused because they arent really reversed but really they are paired up and then they places are flipped. its hard to explain
  13. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    no prob: http://rapidshare.com/files/156340359/HDAEnabler.kext.zip
  14. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Sorry i should have mentioned this but use HDAenabler.kext instead of ALCInject.kext