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Iphone tethering to Ipod Touch?


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I have been reading about using the iphone as a modem to connect a laptop to the internet via an ad-hoc network set up on the laptop.


My question is, would it be possible for an ipod touch to connect wirelessly to an iphone and use that iphone's network to use safari etc.


So, for example, if I was outside and had my iphone, could someone standing next to me use safari on their ipod touch through my iphone's 3g network?


My initial thought is no. But there might be a work around by:

1. Being able to set up an ad-hoc network on the Ipod Touch that the iphone could connect to. (I am not sure this is currently possible, basically it would be equivalent to setting up the iphone to act as a wireless router.)

2. using some sort of remote program to have the ipod touch control safari on the iphone through wifi.


I know that it is possible to connect the ipod touch to a 3g windows based phone:



Can anyone speculate whether this is theoretically possible or what variables would have to be addressed? Would the limitations be hardware or software related?


Anyone have any thoughts here?

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