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The Global Economy


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There are some 3rd party candidates that had some pretty good ideas ... but the people are brainwashed into believing only democrate or republican is the possible choses

I'm just waiting for a decent 3rd party. It wasn't their good ideas that troubled me... it was the accompanying bad ideas. The political rule of thumb these days is you're only as good as your worst idea.


We learned a lot from the market collapse of 1929 and put into place many protections. In the 1990s, several crucial elements of that protection were reversed. Democrats and Republicans can point fingers as to who is most at fault but when it comes down to it, they both had a hand in letting it go this far. The BBC has a great article on it without all the political :P . Honestly, we will dust ourselves off, survey the damage, make some changes and hope future generations don't forget... again!


As for placing all the blame on the US for this world wide disaster, I'd like to ask where the rest of the world was during all this? Oh yeah.... cashing in like all the greedy short-sighted turds on Wall Street. Guess what? No passing the buck on this one. Economists have been screaming bloody murder for 15 years. If they had cared to look, they would have seen this one coming. For the record, some banks DID see it... of course, with a populace out for blood, opportunistic politicians and ratings hungry media are all too willing to throw them ALL to the wolves. Careful what you read, you might not be getting the whole story.

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