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Screen Distorted After 10.5.5 Update


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Hey guys, I have a problem! I've used this method to update from 10.5.4 to 10.5.5 and after the boot screen all I see is a completely distorted desktop with bits and pieces of my wallpaper and the dock. I can see the cursor and move it around but nothing is clickable (let alone understandable), the screen is all messed up. I've used this update method before to go from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 and it worked just fine. I know it's not the best update method but it seems like the only one that works for me without bricking my installation.


I can boot up OS X in safe mode and everything looks and works fine. It's just that when I try normal mode the whole screen is messed up.


I tried installing the Intel GMA950 drivers but it did not help (although I have the GMA945 chipset).

I tried reinstalling NVINJECT from the iATKOS 10.5.2 installation disc and still no go...


I am using an iATKOS installation. I have an NVIDIA 8500GT 256mb vid card. I am dual booting OS X with Vista.


If anyone has any suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it!

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