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extracting audio from video_ts, wich tool?


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in windows this could be done quiet easily


i found a tool for osx wich claims to do this, it's called ffmpegX and uses mpeg2enc, mencoder and mplayerbinarys wich i did install also.


i set it up for my needs (audiostream from video_ts folder  to ac3 sound), when i press start it only shows "NOTS_KEY"


yea quiet obvious, i dont have a key but this can't be a problem, in windows it isn't




with wich tool do i do something like this? there must be a way, i need this stream to remultiplex it with an other file with mkvmerge, but first i have to extract it.






i would be very gratefull if anyone could tell me wich tools they use or where i do something wrong? the ffmpegx forum search function leads me to nothing, so do google when searching for "NOTS_KEY"

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